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Microsoft® Office Word 2010: A Case Approach, Introductory (O'Leary)

Timothy and Linda O'Leary and the Computer Information Technology Team at McGraw-Hill Higher Education offer your students a fully integrated learning program with time-tested quality and reliability. Office 2010: A Case Approach offers running case study throughout the text to help students understand the material in a consistent, relevant environment. Through this theme of “Making Office Relevant,” this text helps students understand why they need this course and these skills. Updated for Office 2010, student success is assured through clear step-by-step instruction, plentiful screen captures and conceptual explanations. Each Lab, designed to be covered in 1 hour of class time, combines conceptual coverage with detailed software-specific instructions. Each Lab opens with a running case study that highlights real-world applications of each software program and leads students from problem to solution. Moreover, 25-50% of all end of chapter exercises are completely new. The O'Leary Series helps students learn specific applications skills along with those that cross all Office applications, which is especially important in mastering this version of Office. The O'Leary Series also correlates with SimNet Online, our online training and assessment program for Office 2010.

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